NTODefend: Accurately Patching Web Application Vulnerabilities

Using innovative automated rule generation, NTODefend helps security professionals with patching web application vulnerabilities almost immediately – in a matter of minutes, instead of days or weeks! Without the need to build a custom rule for a web application firewall (WAF) or intrusion prevention system (IPS) or the need to deliver a source code patch, our software allows developers the time to identify the root cause of the problem and fix it in the code.

Patching web vulnerabilities has never been easier! To learn more about automated rule generation with NTODefend, watch our informative video or call our experienced team at 1-877-NTO-WEBS. You can also contact us online or request a free demo of NTODefend now!

Benefits of Patching Web Vulnerabilities with Automated Rule Generation 

How NTODefend Works 


Users can simply take the results of their NTOSpider scan, import them into NTODefend and generate custom rules that protect the web application from attacks on these vulnerabilities.


Our customization process leverages NTOSpider’s knowledge of the application to create strong, safe rules. After interpreting NTOSpider’s results, NTODefend utilizes filters that are able to generate highly-specific rules, patching web vulnerabilities without blocking desirable traffic, thereby increasing the WAF’s accuracy.


As a safeguard, NTODefend performs a data QuickScan to test for false-positives and ensures that the automated rule generation only patched areas that were vulnerable.


NTODefend allows users to optimally configure a WAF or to leverage their investment in their IPS device to block web application vulnerabilities.

PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance 6.6 requires a WAF, dynamic analysis tools, source code reviews or static analysis tools.

Create Customized Automated Rule Generation for WAF/IPS

Users of NTOSpider leverage the results of application scans for quick and easy custom automated rule generation, patching web application vulnerabilities on their WAF/IPS accurately and effectively.

Review Vulnerability Report

After a simple import from NTOSpider, users review the vulnerability report and quickly select which vulnerabilities to patch and automatically generate the highly-targeted filters for their WAF/IPS solution.

Easily Integrate with Leading WAF/IPS Appliances

NTODefend integrates with market-leading WAFs, including DenyAll, Imperva SecureSphere, ModSecurity, and Barracuda.

Re-Scan and Confirm Effectiveness

NTODefend also enables security teams to conduct a quick re-scan application to confirm the trained WAF/IPS effectiveness. Teams can quickly confirm that target vulnerabilities are patched and that good traffic can continue to flow through as expected, eliminating the risk of false-positives and false-negatives and dramatically reducing the need for quality assurance time.

With features like customized automated rule generation, QuickScan and more, NTODefend makes patching web application vulnerabilities simpler than ever. Check out our full suite of web application security software, or contact us at 1-877-NTO-WEBS to learn more about our products.

Automatically generate truly custom rules to improve your WAF and IPS effectiveness.


NTODefend includes more integrations with WAF and IPS than any other solution available.

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