Tour NTOSpider: Web Application Security Videos

These web application security videos will demonstrate all of the benefits of NTOSpider, the most accurate application security scanner on the market today, available as both software and as a cloud-based SaaS solution.

Each of these web application security demos will guide you through various aspects of NTOSpider, including software scan configuration settings, how to review reports, managing vulnerabilities, and more. You can also download a free, 15-day trial of NTOSpider online to fully experience what our industry-leading scanner has to offer.

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Point and Shoot

Target Host


The quickest way to start
a scan assessment.

Control known values of the Target Host
for effective discovery.

Methods to pass authentication
credentials to the Target Host.

Using Macros

Attack Policy


Record user events and actions that
create traffic using NTOSpider.

Implement, create, and
configure attack policies.

Configure scan aggressiveness
or enable alternative features.

Walkthrough Report

Vulnerabilities and Reports

Leverage NTOSpider technology to
validate reports and replay attacks.

Validate findings and remove false
positives from your reports.